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Coordinated Response On Wellness (CROW)

Coordinated Response On Wellness (CROW) practices the art of bringing a catered and unique experience to our clients’ needs, while adhering to authentic traditions and practices.

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Kristine from Crow Practice presented their Stress Management Session at my company over our lunch break. What a great experience! It was professional yet personal, informative, interactive with independent activities while also engaging the whole group, and gave us several stress management techniques that could be done anywhere (even in an office setting) in just minutes at a time; from breathing techniques, to mindfulness, to some light chair yoga. It was a great presentation and fantastic way to spend our lunch break! My whole team is looking forward to the next one!
Angi Bellingar
Kristine and Crow Practice did a wonderful seminar to “Thrive Over Stress”. It was informative and fun! Very interactive. We loved it.
Lisa Hall
I attended one of the THRIVE OVER STRESS course. The instructor, Kristine was AWESOME! I learned how to walk away for 10 mins without even leaving my seat, (body-scan). I would recommend everyone to attend at least one course. You’ll love it and want more.
Contesta Hurst
Very informative presentation that gives you a lot to think about how you are managing your stress level. It gives you some tools that you can use anywhere to help bring down your stress level. The presentation was concise, eye opening and really taught me great tools of stress management. I am looking forward to the next presentation.
Brook Stealy
Kristine had a lot of great information and techniques for dealing with stress that our whole team benefited from!
Dan DiDomenico
Research based stress relief techniques easy to learn and implement. The session itself was fun and also great for team building. We laughed, learned and relaxed. Loved it
Caree Jewell
I had a wonderful experience with Crow Practice’s Flower Essence and Yoga class. With the addition of Flower essence it was quite different from any other yoga class that I’ve participated in. Very relaxing and uplifting.
Trina Day

I highly vouch for CROW practice, Kristine is very knowledgeable & knows her art and the science behind it. I am a yoga practitioner for last 20+yrs, I was highly impressed with Kristine and her team’s knowledge and willingness to share it. Crow practice is very professional, organized and punctual. Its one stop shop for YOGA……………..Way to go………..

Avneet Singh



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An expert in yoga, meditation, and natural wellness, Pairing Specialist Kourtney Sullivan began her career in the feild of natural health over 10 years ago. Holding dual yoga certifications, Pilates certifications, recieving several certificates from workshops and seminars in natural wellness, and studying to recieve her diploma as a naturaopath, Kourtney uses her knowledge, paired with each clients specific requests to create a client private session program that is right for each individual. Upon request, Kourtney is often able to design a private session program utilizing expert instructor of yoga and/or other wellness services through her network of Crow Practice WE’s. To begin working with Kourtney, fill out the Private Client Intake Form, or call 407-240-9020 to reach her direct line. Alternately, you can email us

Private Clients

CROW uses our Pairing Specialist program to find the right WE (Wellness Educator) for you by considering your goals, physical needs, location, level of experience and other pertinent aspects to create your individualized plan. Our Pairing Specialist, an expert in the field of yoga, will recommend a specific style of yoga, or complimentary styles of yoga, to enhance your personal goals and well-being. As you begin the program designed for you, our Pairing Specialist will assess its appropriateness and make further recommendations. This ongoing process will ensure continual improvement of your program through predetermined checkpoints and feedback forms available to you at any time, providing a no pressure format for you to offer genuine feedback concerning your sessions. All feedback forms are sent directly to the Pairing Specialist, who makes adjustments in order to enhance each client’s experience. To begin working with our Pairing Specialist, fill out our Private Client Intake Form