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CROW Practice provides a wide variety of options presented by our skilled experts in various fields relating to holistic health and wellness practices. With an ever growing list of passionate and skilled experts, we are here to help make your virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid event exciting, engaging, and unforgettable for your guests!


We service Meeting Planners, Destination Management Companies, Corporations, Production Companies, and specialty vendors to create stellar health and wellness event offerings.

Incorporate Health & Wellness Into Your Meeting With Our Short Breakout Sessions & Break Activities

Crow Practice is proud to offer a variety of exciting health and wellness activities for the workplace. Our hub of expert meeting planners and corporate team building professionals is driven to inspire through innovative wellbeing workshops and interactive breakout sessions.

Our corporate event planners are dedicated to the healthy transformation of corporations. Our event and meeting planners work directly with your corporate event planning staff to aid in creating memorable and impactful experiences. From small corporate events, wellness events to large conferences, our wellness sessions seamlessly merge with your event or meeting to create a profound experience for everyone in attendance. 

Our corporate event planners offer a variety of unique health and wellness activities for the workplace or meetings. Our creative wellness group events and corporate wellness talks are designed to keep your employees and attendees engaged, motivated, and inspired to become their best selves. This can be done through simple organized activities like stretch breaks at work or health and wellness seminars and workshops. Together through corporate meeting planning, we will design the perfect activity or event for your audience.

What Kind Of Health And Wellness Events Are Offered?

At Crow Practice, our diverse health and wellness events and breakout sessions can be tailored to your specific corporate events. Some of the best corporate event and  wellness sessions we offer include:

  • Stretch Breaks
  • Sleep & Well-Being Discussions
  • Yoga
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Communication In the Workplace Talks
  • & More

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Promote Health & Wellness At Your Meeting With Stretch Breaks, Financial Talks & Other Wellness Sessions

When you partner with our meeting planners and corporate event planners for your next big event, our health and wellness events are the best catalyst for your meeting breaks. Unlike traditional corporate event planning built around bland subject matter that quickly has attendees losing interest, our corporate event planner’s health and wellness events will keep your staff and attendees excited to learn more, engage and interact. You can encourage your staff or attendees to practice healthier habits with the following activities for your next health and wellness event: 

  • Team breakout sessions
  • Health and wellness activities for the workplace your meeting or event 
  • Recurring breakout session packages
  • Health and wellness seminars and workshops
  • & more!

When you combine your meeting planners with our years of experience, we can develop the best methods for promoting health and wellness activities at work. Health and wellness seminars and workshops lead to increased employee retention, overall productivity, and improved satisfaction at work. By promoting employee health with our well-being events or meetings, and corporate team building events, your staff will feel valued, relaxed, and ultimately, accomplish more.

The addition of breakout sessions into your corporate team building plan has many advantages. We are here to help your meeting planners provide health and wellness activities that lead to improved inter-office communication, reduced stress, and much more. 

Together meeting convention and event planners can strive to encourage healthy engagement between your staff members in every health workshop and well-being. A simple stretch break during your meeting can quickly transform into talks among co-workers that are inspired and excited to implement the new techniques learned.

Our team has years of experience working with meeting and event planners to make it easy to schedule regular breakout sessions and incorporate health and wellness events into your meeting breaks. By taking an active interest in your employees with our wellbeing workshops and engaging breakout sessions, your company’s bottom line benefits. Our meeting planners align wellbeing workshops and corporate team building events with your meeting’s vision.

Our Meeting Planners and Corporate Event Planners Transform Your Meeting

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Corporate meeting planning doesn’t stop with your own employees. Corporate team building through powerful health and wellness activities can lead to increased networking and new partnerships with other companies. Our team meeting convention and event planners can integrate engaging breakout sessions, corporate speakers, and corporate yoga that strike up conversations around the water cooler or with potential business partners. 

Our team will work closely with your meeting convention and event planners to create lasting relationships with your business. Together we will collaborate with your meeting planners, to set up the perfect health and wellness activities for employees or attendees.


We can provide engaging activities for your meetings and events like:

  • Corporate Yoga 
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Corporate Speakers 

Our meeting and event planners will work with you side by side to create exclusive company meeting planning and well-being events. Potential partners at your corporate events will see that you strive to do what is best for your team. When you incorporate corporate yoga classes and keynote speakers into your meetings and events, you take initiative over the well-being of your team. Corporate team building health and wellness events may just become your newest top networking strategy.

Creative Wellness In the Workplace

Whether you want to host weekly wellbeing workshops or want to schedule daily virtual stretch breaks at work, our engaging packages provide your staff with a welcomed change of pace. By incorporating health and wellness activities in your virtual or live meeting, your business will change for the better from the ground up. 

Start a wellness routine with your team with wellness activities like corporate yoga or keynote speakers. When you incorporate corporate yoga classes into your meetings, you provide your team with a chance to refresh and engage with each other. 

If you are looking to spark creativity and motivation in your team, a keynote speaker or corporate speaker can empower your team. We create wellness opportunities that encourage growth and build relationships within a team structure. Take your event wellness to the next level with corporate speakers and corporate yoga.

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Our wellness events are designed to symbiotically mesh with your business strategy and make health and wellness activities at work the new standard. If your company has an upcoming corporate team-building seminar but needs a safer alternative, our online wellness workshops are a wonderful solution.

To schedule a corporate wellness talk, keynote speaker, health workshop, corporate yoga class, or to begin incorporating virtual stretch breaks or other virtual break options into your meetings, get in touch with our top wellness workshop and event planners today. We make corporate meeting planning simple and will go above and beyond to provide creative wellness solutions and team breakout sessions that lead to lasting change within your business.

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