Kristine from Crow Practice presented their Stress Management Session at my company over our lunch break. What a great experience! It was professional yet personal, informative, interactive with independent activities while also engaging the whole group, and gave us several stress management techniques that could be done anywhere (even in an office setting) in just minutes at a time; from breathing techniques, to mindfulness, to some light chair yoga. It was a great presentation and fantastic way to spend our lunch break! My whole team is looking forward to the next one!

Angi Bellingar
Owner DiBell Group

Crow Practice provides yoga classes at my employer: EBG in Orlando. There are 2 per week, one in the middle of the day and one at the end. I tell everyone, too often, that these yoga classes have been life changing for me and I recommend them to everyone. I am a middle aged, overweight software developer and I had been sitting all day for decades. I thought that constant stiffness and soreness was just the progression of my life. Within a few classes I was moving and stretching in ways that I would not have thought possible. In 3 years I have rarely missed a class. In addition to building strength, balance and flexibility I improved my ability to self-calm and meditate. I am much more comfortable throughout the day and my mind is calmer through the regular yoga classes. I am able to easily move for advanced household chores including crawling around behind washers and dryers, going underneath my house to fix plumbing, big ladder climbs, etc. The instructors have all been extremely helpful and encouraging. Thank you to Crow Practice and thank you to my employer for offering such a fantastic benefit.

Chris Adams
EB Entertainment

Kristine at CROW Practice is so knowledgeable in the field of improving business through healthy body, mind and spirit. Her company will help your employees feel better and be more productive which will increase profitability and or quality of services rendered. If you need a renewed energy coming from your employees, CROW Practice is the place to look for answers!! I highly recommend!

Kathy Williams
Realtor Keller Williams

I had a wonderful experience with Crow Practice’s Flower Essence and Yoga class. With the addition of Flower essence it was quite different from any other yoga class that I’ve participated in. Very relaxing and uplifting.

Trina Day
Owner Day Entertainment

Kristine does a super job! She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a complete pleasure to work with for anything!

Valerie Hershiser
HELLO Florida

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