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Promote increased productivity and reduction in multiple costs of stress-related illness and absenteeism through mental and physical wellness by utilizing the benefits associated with yoga and stress reduction. Sessions are catered to your business’ needs.

Thrive Over Stress Training Series 

These sessions are designed and most effective as a series, however they can be offered as individual courses. Price breaks are offered when contracted for all three sessions. These 3 sessions together complete the “Thrive Over Stress” Series.  

  • Session 1: Understanding Stress
    • In this course, we define stressors, and how they affect our everyday perspective and experience of life. Stress Management Experts offer mindfulness practices that can be easily implemented into everyday life.
  • Session 2: Cycles and Patterns
    • In this course, we address common challenges that arise when deciding to develop positive cycles and patterns. Thorough understanding the basic science of how cycles and patterns work in the brain and body, we reinforce and encourage the continuation of breaking free from distress.
  • Session 3: Developing Harmony
    • In this course, we begin to address the process of creating and maintaining a harmonious balance of mind and body. We address the science of disharmony in the brain and body, and implement practices to help recognize when negative and unhealthy patterns are, or have, taking root.
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